Fully automatic labeling machine

Fully automatic labeling machine is designed for coated abrasive disc products. The machine can auto pick products, position detecting, labeling, auto put in order, auto packing. With high degree of automation, high efficiency, stable quality. The cost of raw materials is low, maximizing the profits. It can be packed 16000 pieces per 8 hours.

Equipment performance and characteristics

1. Humanized mechanical structure design, easy to operate, high degree of automation, set labeling and packing as one, single operator can easily complete the operation.

2. Use ordinary paper labels, and ordinary liquid glue, which greatly reduces the cost of the users and maximizes the profits of the users.

3. Selection of European standard industrial materials, by the professional CNC machining overall fine milling, fine grinding, molding at once, stable and durable.

4. The drive parts adopt international famous brand electric components, high-speed servo motor, reducer, and industrial level control system, which can respond to micro displacement and positioning accurately. Perfect function, high efficiency and stable performance.

5. During the labeling system, use the international famous brand photoelectric switch to detect the product, and auto pass no-product workstation, stable and accurate.

6. Uses the modular assembly, the adjustment and maintenance of the machine is convenient.


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