Non-woven Abrasive Belt

  • Material:Non Woven Material
  • Backing:3-120mm,
  • Diameter:width3mm-1400mm, length150mm-7800mm
  • Grit:Coarse(P60/P80), Medium(P100/P150), Very Fine(P280/P360)
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Non-woven Abrasive Belt

Width :3mm-1400mm 

Longth: 150mm-7800mm

TypeAbrasive belt

Grit:Coarse(P60/P80), Medium(P100/P150), Very Fine(P280/P360)

Color:brown red and blue

Material:non woven, Aluminium oxide, Silicon carbide

BackingPolyester cloth


Dense abrasives, very durable 

Strongest resin binders for resilient, long life construction


Cleaning, deburring, finishing, coating removal

Used widely in aerospace, plant maintenance, foundry, automotive, metal fabrication and shipyards.

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