Fiberglass Backing Plate with Higher Metal Ring

  • Material:Fiberglass fabric, glue, metal ring
  • Diameter:75mm-220mm
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Fiberglass Backing Plate with Higher Metal Ring(High Washer)

Material High Purity Fiberglass Cloth with Resin

SurfaceBlack Paper, Fiberglass Cloth


Type T27, T28, T29

Size:  75mm - 220mm

Layers:  Normally it ranges from 6-12 layers, or as per customers' other requirements.


No glue penetration

High-strength and light-weight

Flexibility fiberglass fabric

Excellent bonding property and heat resistance

Strict detectioninspection and testing


Fiberglass Backing Plate with High Washer is used as the backing pads of flap discs and

clean and strip disc, felt disc, elastic flap disc, diamond flap disc and other abrasive discs.


a. Each shrink(20-50pcs) is wrapped in polyethylene film and put into boxes of different sizes according to their diameters.

b. Cartons are wrapped with plastic films of two to three layers and placed on pallets.


fiberglass backing sizes.png

NoteOther requirements can be customized

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