Non-woven polishing wheel

  • Material:Non Woven Material
  • Diameter:100-350mm
  • Thickness:20-70mm
  • Click on the consulting

Non-woven polishing wheel


(Diameter * Thickness/Inch)6*1 /8*1 /2*2 /3*2 /4*2 /5*2 /6*2 /7*2 /8*2 /9*2 /10*2 /12*2 /14*2 /16*2 /18*2 /20*2(inch)


Hardness2P-28P,or according customers requirment

ColorGrey/Red/Green/White/Maroon/Brown/Dark Brown

Bore all sizes hole: cycle/square/hexagon/cross,etc.Can also add different kinds of tubes.

Max rotation speed<=3000r/min


Powerful polishing resistance,identical finished surface.

Non-woven polishing wheel are made from highly soft,high-temperature resistant and aggressive industrial sourcing pads and premium abrsives..

Low noise and less dust


For cleaning and polishing surface and rust especially in stainless steel work piece.

Stainless steel knife,scissor,identical finished surface.

Metals of construction,handle,hinge,gate lock and door hinge.

Wipe off the burr of golf and cue.

Bakelite,wood and plastics. 

The non woven polishing wheels are used to polish stainless steel sink, stainless steel sheet and products, sanitary products,small household applicances,hoods,kitchen utensils,subway        

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